Student Workshops

Classroom size groups and small groups are a great fit for these workshops.  Once or twice per month these workshops provide a great way to give students something different to look forward to. These workshops help students apply what they learn in school to real life scenarios. Group mentoring sessions cover a topics such as character building, getting the most out of high school, smart social media, technology and careers, financing college and credit basics. These workshops range from 50 minutes to 90 minutes and completely engage students as they complete workshops and participate in discussion.

Getting The Most Out Of High School

Smart Social Media

Credit Basics and Banking

Technology and Careers

All About College/Financing College

Parent Workshops

Our Parent Power workshop is a great way to inform parents about the vital role they play in preparing their young adult for college. Whether you have 8th graders headed to high schools or high school junior making preparation for college this workshop can be a game changer. Parents are given information on graduation requirements, and the importance of checking each semester to make sure their young adult is on the path to graduation. Parents are also educated on to effectively build a resume in high school. We also expose parents to the different types of financial aid available for students. As educators we play a role in keeping parents engaged and this workshop will surely help parents see you are committed to helping them stay informed. During the parenting workshop we will discuss the following topics:

Being eligible for graduation

Looking for volunteer and intern opportunities

Scholarship Opportunities

Dual Enrollment

Summer school opportunities

Components of what you look like on paper


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