Summer Bridge Information

Free days during the summer can be a perfect opportunity to provide students with a new experience. Our Summer Bridge program gives parents an opportunity to help students get prepared for next year with the convenience of staying at home.

Summer Bridge

Time frame of service? (June, July, August, September of 2022)90 minutes, two times per week (Tuesday and Thursday)

How do students attend sessions? Sessions are via Zoom.

Grade Levels serviced? 5th – 10th

What’s covered in the sessions? Students will focus on English, Pre-algebra, Algebra and Geometry, word problems and test taking skills. These are all areas students will need to master for college entrance exams such as the ACT and SAT.  Students will also read the book “Every High School Students Guide To Success.” and  get writing assignments that help them understand their educational options in the future.

What can I expect? As a parent you can expect to see your students encouraged and motivated.  Getting on a reading schedule and  thinking about their future will be a a major focus. You can expect them to cover topics during the sessions that will help them improve in the classroom. Outside of regular sessions you can expect guest speakers and life skills topics on Fridays. These are optional, but important topics for todays young adults.

How much does it cost? $60 per month.(June, July and August, September 2022) Click here to get started.

Canceling the service.  Parents can cancel anytime with a 7 day notice. As some of our sessions require breakout groups and a certain number of instructors we’d like to have an accurate account of how many students we should expect.

Why should you invest in this program? College and training programs in general are getting more expensive. Many school don’t have the time cover crucial information in a school day. Parents who keep their kids involved understand the importance of extra activities that expose students to something different. The Summer Bridge program will make learning fun but reinforce concepts students should be learning school.

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