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The book “Every High School Student’s Guide To Success” is the perfect gift this graduation or just trying to help a student get refocused. This book is a motivational as well as an educational tool meant just for your soon to be high school student.
Attitude is an important part of daily life. Students need to understand attitude before entering high school. It is also imperative that students get an idea of what to expect in high school, and how they can be prepared for high school and life beyond. Below are just a few of the topics covered in the book:

 The importance of thinking positive and taking positive action
 The importance of planning and study time
 The importance of getting involved with school activities
 The importance of separating entertainment and education
 The importance of using the resources that you have
 The importance of taking responsibility for their life

Keeping your child motivated is no easy task, so let “Every High School Student’s Guide To Success” provide motivation and inspiration for your child this graduation.



Every High School Students Guide To Success

Motivational Book for high school students.



Minority Male Mindset Cover Half 2012

This is a motivational/self help book for young males. The book lays a foundation for better living, while using short stories to help illustrate points, and help students get an understanding of what is being said. Chapter one stresses the importance of keeping positive attitude and living with the future in mind. Chapter two stresses the importance of living with purpose and initiating change in your own life. Chapter three encourages students to focus on opportunity rather than obstacles by transforming their thinking before they get off the right track. Chapter four helps students get a better understanding of how sports can impact several areas of their lives. Chapter five talks about how young men must allow themselves to be groomed and the importance of using good advice. Chapter six stresses the importance of completing high school, and learning about the world outside of your neighborhood. Chapter seven gives students great habits for better living!

Students will get great lessons on:

Keep a POSITIVE ATTITUDE and learning to discipline themselves                                 Living with the future in mind surrounding themselves with positive people.
Believing in their own ability and outlining their own path to success
Doing the right thing and living with a purpose
Redirecting their energy and turning tragedy into Triumph
Working on becoming Independent and turning obstacles into opportunity
Working toward a different lifestyle and taking advantage of a second chance
Embracing the other components of sports such as team spirit and sportsmanship
Why treating the women in their life with respect is important
How social networking can impact their future
Why School is your priority and how they can assist in their own success
Creating good habits and setting goals


Minority Male Mindset

Self help book for youth.


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