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Mentoring and tutoring are two of the most important things a parent must have in place to help young people succeed. Signing up for mentoring and tutoring has never been easier or more affordable.

Providing effective, efficient, mentoring and tutoring through our Mentor + program is our goal. We focus on areas important to not only individual success, but test taking as well. Test scores can be a obstacle to college entry, and improving student readiness is our goal. Math, reading and writing are the major focus of our small group mentoring. Students learn from tutors, mentors and most effectively from each other.



The Mentor + program has been providing mentoring to schools and organizations since 2009. We have provided services to students across the country both through mentoring and ACT test prep. The goal of Mentor + is to help students be better prepared for any all opportunities that may be presented while being test ready at all times. Based on your students personality we can fit them into either a small group session or a one on one session. Many of our mentors are current college students or recent graduates with the goal helping your young adult stay on track. These sessions are scheduled two times per month for your young adult.

Math Focus

The basic Mentor + package includes three hours of available group tutoring per week working on Pre-algebra, Algebra and Geometry. One assigned book to read each month with week writing assignments. And two one on one or small group mentoring sessions. Parents will pay for the second month and get the first month free. We are also waiving the $25 online account setup fee. Click here to learn more.

Reading and Writing

Many students could perform much better on standardized test if the expanded their vocabulary and attention to detail. Students are assigned required reading every month aimed at helping them further develop their vocabulary and writing skills.  Reading assignments are followed by short writing assignments. Students are given feedback on their writing and monitored for improvement.


  1. When is the best time to get my student started? Anytime is a good time to get your student started. A mentor will set up an online profile in our Mentor + goals system. This system help us track progress and plan for your student.
  2. How do you track progress? Our site allows students to keep us updated on what they have done and allows us to plan their next steps.
  3. Do you offer other programs? Yes. Through other sources Mentor + provides test prep options that have helped students improve their test scores with only weeks until testing.
  4. How is my mentor assigned? Mentors are assigned through a team effort and finding the best fit based on available mentors. Our mentors are not pressured keep students when there may be another mentor who can encourage your young adult in their language.
  5. Do you have guest speakers? We have online guest speakers targeted toward students interest. Through our site students let us know about their interest. Industry professionals talk to students about what they actually do on a daily basis.
  6. Does the program touch trades? Yes. There is no one size fits all for students. Some students will opt for a more traditional route to college while other may opt for trade school. We actively seek out trade schools and trade professionals to talk about what they do.
  7. What is the cost of the program? $75 per month.
  8. What the initial time commitment? Six months. Bringing a student on board, getting to know them, and developing a plan to get them on track is no easy task. We ask for six months to work with your students to gain your confidence.
  9. What if I need to cancel? If for some reason you are not satisfied or move to another program simply reach out to us via email. You will send an email to and to your mentor ten days before your next billing cycle.

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