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Do you need help with ACT or SAT? Get enrolled in our online virtual test prep and start preparing for college entrance. Finding a program to help your teen prepare for the ACT or SAT is crucial to help them maximize their scores, and if you’re looking for an online option you’ve come to the right place.

Strategies make all the difference

Incorporating strategies into your test taking can have an immediate impact on your score. Whether you’ve got a test coming up in the next month or a test coming up in the next year we can help. The ACT and SAT include questions that draw on a student’s entire educational background, so you’ll need to be prepared. Getting comfortable with the question types and developing confidence as you approach test day are crucial to your success. We can help!

Time-management a key factor

Many students struggle to finish sections of the ACT and SAT in the allotted time frame. Our online test prep provides time-management strategies that keep students a step ahead. Taking times test that simulate the amount of time you’ll have on the actual test can certainly help students relax and stay focused.  Students want to give themselves the best opportunity to get each question right, and we can help.

What’s different about our program

Along with preparing your students to take the test our instructors use a motivational tone to keep students interested. Many programs look to educate, but fail to motivate, our program is all about MOTIVATION. The founder of Project Focus facilitated test prep for nearly five years all over the country, helping students to improve their test scores. Going back to schools year after year and hearing many of the success stories he was convinced the motivational spirit,  in combination with the strategies, was the reason so many students were able to succeed.

What you should know:

Days and Times: Test Prep sessions take place Monday and Wednesday from 6:30pm – 8:15pm Central

Cost: $205 per month

Sessions: During our test prep session students will learn strategies, take timed practice test, cover most common questions types,  watch videos on strategies and specific skills needed, and hear from speakers who want to encourage and motivate them to do their best.

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