ACT Prep

MasteryPrep’s ACT Boot Camp offers effective, last-minute ACT prep in the “final hours” before test day. Our trained instructors will come to your school to teach students:

Content-specific strategies
The ACT includes questions that draw on a student’s entire educational background. ACT Boot Camps help students master the content of each of the four subjects tested on the ACT while also offering remediation on subjects they struggle with.
Pacing and time-management
Many students struggle to finish each section of the ACT in the allotted time frame. The ACT Boot Camp provides time-management strategies and pacing techniques that help students take the test efficiently and to the best of their ability.
Test-taking strategies
The ACT Boot Camp covers test-taking strategies to help students successfully navigate the test. For example, a key strategy for getting a good score is understanding common test-taking pitfalls and learning how to avoid them.
Tips for the most frequently tested question types
We’ve spent years researching retired ACT tests to design the most effective curriculum for getting students scoring college-ready on the ACT. We address the most frequently tested question types to prepare students for what they’ll see on test day.
The only workshop designed to help students meet college-readiness standards in just one day
Expert instructors
A take-home resource for extra practice and study after the event
Easy to schedule: during the school day or on the weekend

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