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What our clients are saying!

Project Focus is a student-centered organization that uses young adults to speak with our school-aged children about the possibilities for their futures. They use engaging strategies, videos, and real-life experiences to convey their messages about the importance of being a productive and successful citizen of their communities. The interactive lessons that the presenters use make the content more relevant and relatable for our students. Project Focus mentors students and builds positive relationships with students. Partnering with Project Focus has been a success at Clay Chalkville Middle School. 

Kim M. (Clay Chalkville Middle School)

Project Focus is one of the greatest tools for students. It will guide them on their career path, thus making them College and Career Ready. 

O. Davis (Green Acres Middle School)

Project Focus Fridays were a favorite among my students this year. My students got so excited when Mr. Knight, his mentors, and their blue shirts walked through my classroom door! His mentors related to my students on another level. Mr. Knights mentoring sessions incorporated real life success strategies with humor and relatability. I found it extremely profound to see my students’ eyes light up when Mr. Knight and his team were in my room. I think it resonated with my students to see someone who looked like them, who have made it through similar struggles, working hard, thriving, leading successful lives and careers. 

Jordan T (Clay Chalkville Middle School)

During the 2018-2019 academic year I had the privilege of being a part of the Project Focus Mentoring Program. About once every other week mentors would visit and encourage my classes. I quickly realized that Project Focus was serious about helping our students. The mentors were friendly and ALWAYS present for the scheduled meetings. Which is so important for kids who feel they are often forgotten or not cared about. The students loved seeing the mentors and talking to them. The presentations were meaningful and relevant. So much so that I wanted to participate in the conversation, and sometimes did. Working with them was a great experience, the kids learned and so did I. 

Jessica e. (Wenonah High School)

My name is Nefertari Yancie and I would like to take this time to express my thoughts and opinions about the services provided by Project Focus during the 2019-2020 school year. During this school year, mentors of Project Focus came into my 8th grade class and spoke with my students about academic, behavioral, and life goals. They also engaged with the students about the importance of developing skills that would help them to achieve their academic and career goals. The mentors in Project Focus were well spoken, prepared, and most importantly, engaged with the students in such a way that students actively participated in the sessions. As a result, they learned and took away lessons that, I believe, made them think about their decisions and the subsequent consequences. I recommend this program because it is well developed and relevant to our students’ lives and deals with the challenges that they face on an everyday basis. 


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